Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remember Me

A while ago, after completing my first year of fashion design at university, I found myself with a three month summer holiday on my hands... most would leap, but for me relaxation equals work of some enjoyable nature. So knowing that the temperatures were above 50°C outside and my husband was working all day, I set myself a personal design project... the most fulfilling (and selfish) kind of art. Alas some weeks went by, I ended up not returning to college but instead starting a full time job as an assistant designer with one of my teachers, who had resigned from teaching and started up a new fashion venture. So although it took me a lot longer than anticipated and the project slowly diminished in largeness from the original expectation of its brief, I have finally completed it. 
The concept was a two part mini collection (originally four part, perhaps the other two will follow in months to come) of looks that suit the modern wife's wardrobe. With four individual themes: 'Birds of a feather', 'Grecian',  'Organic' and 'Nautical'... two looks from each theme per collection. The genre's of the collection were: 'Manaheim' - Lingerie, and 'Esther' - Evening wear. Complete with mood boards, colour cards, technical drawings and sketches. Here are just one or two pages from the finished project.

Four of the looks from 'Manaheim'

'Manaheim' birds inspired look

Four looks from 'Esther'

'Esther' organic look

Part of the collection overview

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