A bit about me

I'm an artist... enough said. I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, started dancing professionally before I even left school and then had to amalgamate (əˈmalgəˌmāt) some kind of matriculation in the years that followed. I soon realized being a ballet dancer meant sacrificing being almost anything else one has ever dreamt of and decided I couldn't take such a risk until I'd tasted of the 'anything else' and seen for myself that it was not quite as good. However, I succumbed to the charm of the diversity of this planet, and fled my hometown to travel. Great as this was for a year and some... I met the hero of my heart, and got married. At some point, I can't quite remember which, I enrolled for a fashion design degree in Dubai and subsequently follwed one of my teachers into a new design venture, where I learnt far more than I ever could have at college. After only a couple of months working/learning one on one with my once teacher, my husband and I decided to move to Sydney, so having resigned and left Dubai I can only wait expectantly for what Sydney may hold for me.  Deep down I'm still longing to paint, dance (again), learn languages, study history and psychology, act, design costumes and lingerie and of course be mom and wife of a large beautiful family... all in His time.