Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beginning with a nude

So returning to my endeavor of tracking my artistic 'progress' on this blog feels a little like trying to go on a diet... again. But, alas, I shall shake off the feeling of failure and push onwards. Where better then to begin (again), but with a nude. 
My mom is an artist. Growing up she regularly gave small 'workshops' to groups of kind ladies from church and my sister and I learnt to while away the time playing at the back of the hall, or more often than not, sitting in the front row and absorbing her immense knowledge, wisdom and passion on the subject. This, I believe, is where I learnt to paint, however, my mom's main medium was chalk pastel, a technique of art which differs greatly from any wet paint medium. When I came to an age where a blank canvas began to tempt me, my medium of choice was acrylic. Thus I have developed a style of painting which merges something of the technique of pastels with acrylic paint... something, I am told, that is fairly unique.