Friday, May 6, 2011


So I have been doing a fitness program called GloryGirl designed by a wonderful friend of mine who's aim is to help woman glorify God through every aspect of their lives including the bodies that God has given them. I went into it with the goals of building up my fitness and confidence to get back into dancing full-time and learning how to cook clean healthy meals. Some background here for those who don't know me... in one whole year of marriage I believe I cooked about two whole meals, 'culinary-ly challenged'! Now I can proudly say that I CAN cook! And secretly I even enjoy it. The GloryGirl fitness program culminates in a photo shoot where you get to record your achievement. I tried to turn the shoot into more of a dancing shoot, since that was the reason I began this little journey, however, there are a couple of shmodel pics in between, please forgive me? With my husbands legendary photographic skills, here are a few of the results.

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  1. Les and Solly...these pics are such a reflection of the AWE-some couple that you are!
    I hope that everyone reading and seeing this, will be touch in some measure by your arty hearts!