Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paris Project

In about two weeks time I will venture into the very electronic impulse that pumps the heart of the fashion industry. An international fabric fair called ‘Première Vision’ in Paris, where about eight thousand fabric manufactures, thousands of more fashion designers and other creative’s besides will gather to sift through a variable plantation of fabrics. We shall rummage through to find all that is perfect in weight, hand, colour, drape, price, yardage, performance and feel for each of the hundreds of designs that my colleague and I have been working on for the last couple of months. I am daunted. Not least of all by the problem of my wardrobe… having lived in the desert for three years, I own exactly two winter garments. Just two. In the space of two weeks, on a self-imposed min budget, I need to design, make, alter and buy a wardrobe suitable for a professional five-day work trip into winter’s style wonderland. I begin with one winter coat of coarse brown/black wool and one pair of relatively warm black trousers. I shall post further upon progression.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The first

I shall march straight into the meat of the matter then, since I think that, those of you who are interested, will find out whatever it is about me that a first blog post is supposed to say along the way. As I begin I have some illusions of this blog being about art, design, dance, style and possibly some philosophy since those are a few components of what I am about. But, perhaps we shall judge that at some more advanced stage.  For now I leave the vast universe of explanation to One more qualified at such things than me and simply begin to think about what might possibly interest any individual who stumbles upon this humble page of mine.